Join us from the 8th of march for Meryem Meg’s debut solo exhibition.
She will be sharing an integral body of work exploring her Afro-European heritage through symbolism, repetition and rhythm. Tied together against an urban backdrop, Meryem seeks to re-define the complexities of being muslim, artist and female in Britain today.
We are proud to have the private view night co-hosted by BARBEDOUN. A traveling bar based on a philosophy of alcohol-free alchemy. Engineered by a diasporic collective. Experimenting with culinary arts and the reclaiming cultural absences.
Private view with Barbedoun / 8th MARCH – 6:30 pm – 11: 00 pm
Exhibition / 9 -10th MARCH – 11:00 am – 7:30 pm

The ‘//Meghraoua’ exhibit looks to reflect a personal contemporary response to North African symbolism, and how colour and repetition can affect the subconscious. Meryem explores geometry; using a looser gestural approach allowing what is typically rigid in structure to flow organically. This logic will create visual movement, undulating dimensions and subtle optical illusions. The desired effect is to captivate and stimulate a sense of self contemplation, akin to spiritual experiences. Meryem seeks to create affirmations through her work, and strives to re-define the complexities of being female, Muslim and an artist in Britain today.
We look forward to sharing this special evening with you, join us!
For further details contact info@meryemmeg.com

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